Treat Your Skin to Something New

Try our traditional facial treatments in Buffalo, NY

There's no better way to wake up your skin than treating yourself to a traditional facial at Industry Nails Inc in Buffalo, NY. Do you have sensitive skin? A persistent acne problem? From gentle steaming and masks to cleansing exfoliation, we have a facial to suit every skin type, including yours. We even offer men's facials that target razor bumps and acne for just $35.

Take care of your skin by keeping it exfoliated, hydrated and nourished. Contact us today to arrange for a $45 traditional facial.

How can we help you shine?

How can we help you shine?

Did you know that regular facial exfoliation can:

  • Prevent acne?
  • Unclog pores?
  • Boost circulation?
  • Even out your skin tone?
  • Clear away dead or dry skin?
  • Increase your skin's radiance and clarity?
  • Keep your skin looking younger for longer?

Get ready to love the skin you're in. Call 716-239-5483 now to make an appointment with a facial exfoliation professional in Buffalo, NY.